Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crafts on crafts on crafts

So I tend to be super nerdy with painting and always have some craft that I'm doing on the side during the summer and even school year. Here's an incompleted cooler that I'm painting for my boyfriend and tomorrow I'm painting wine glasses for my new apartment next year so I'll posts those also!

This is the top. Oh and these are all hand drawn.

This is one of the sides. (obviously touch ups will have to be made)

The other side.

The front and back of the cooler are still under construction, but I will post pictures when the whole thing is finished. I'm really proud of it so far.


  1. Still so jealous of your doing things by hand skills! You should make the pictures X Large and share your tips for hand drawn design in a post :) loveloveloveyou

  2. This is great!! I agree with Lindsay, share tips :)