Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just Simple

It took me a while to think about what my first written blog post would be. I've always heard of blogs, but never really understood their purpose. Some have significant identities like food, travel, photography or marriage/family life, and it really troubled me to figure out what to blog about to strike peoples interest. Everyone is unique in some way: some people have special hobbies, others have fashion obsessions (mine being shoes), but most just go through life in their own special way. That's what I want to blog about; my everyday random adventures I embark on, whether that's with friends, my boyfriend, or on my own. Hopefully someone will take notice and enjoy some of the quirky and normal parts of my life. But to put it simply, I just want to blog about my life full of daydreams and romance.

1 comment:

  1. I'm excited to watch your little bloggy grow and change in the process :) I think I'm gonna start some new overall design ideas when I get some free time this week! Also, go to Settings>Posts and Comments>Show Word Verification and pick NO :)